There are more than 300 companies including 80 big ones (companies of the machine-building and metalworking industry - 29.0%, light industry – 29.1%, food industry – 20.8%, construction materials production – 8.8%, woodworking industry – 5.6%).

Vitebsk accounts for the fifth part of the commodity output in the Vitebsk oblast.

The Energocomplect Company, a producer of cabling and wiring goods, has the biggest share in Vitebsk export. The company is the main producer of self supporting wire for overhead electric lines and power cables in Belarus. Other Vitebsk-based manufacturers are Soyuz-Cable (optic-fiber cable), Marko, Belwest, Krasny Oktyabr, San Marko (footwear), Vityas (TV sets, DVD players, vacuum cleaners and medical equipment), VZEP, Europribor (measuring devices), Monolit (condensers, resistors, thermo-resistors), Vistan, Vizas (wood-working machines,  numerically controlled machine tools), Vitebskdrev (wallboard, wood particle board, plank timber), Keramika (building brick, ceramic stone), Evistor (pumps, equipment and component parts for trucks, tractors, farm machinery), Moloko, Vitebsk Meat-Packing Plant, Global Vitebsk (meat and dairy products), Vitba (confectionery products), VIK (veterinary preparations), Vitebsk Carpets (carpets), Znamya Industrializatsii, Vitebchanka, Bell Bimbo Plus, Nartex, KIS, Grazia  (garment), KIM (knitted goods, legwear garment), Vitebsk oil-extracting factory (rape oil), Oknainvest, Canadian Technologies, Kvant, Egida, Russky Club, Vzglyad (PVC and wooden windows). 

The economic operators in Vitebsk feature more than 500 companies including 45 big industrial enterprises.

The Vitebsk-based companies maintain foreign and economic relations with 40 countries. Goods are exported to 30 countries. Vitebsk’s major trade partners are the Russian Federation, Germany, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Moldova.

Twenty-tree companies are registered in the Vitebsk Free Economic Zone. Around 80% of the FEZ output is exported. the export of products made by the companies of the Free Economic Zone accounts for 7.1% of the Vitebsk total exports.

At present, there are 61 companies with foreign investments in Vitebsk. Their total authorized capital is more than $20 million.

 The Vitebsk authorities have been working hard on creating a favourable investment climate, searching business partners and new sales markets.  

Private business of Vitebsk is represented by 11,859 individual entrepreneurs, 2,482 small business firms and 96 craftsmen.

A number of big investment projects are underway.

 New industrial enterprises, joint and foreign companies are planning to attract capital investments, including foreign ones, to implement investment projects.

Dubl MK has established the manufacture of footwear blanks to substitute import. The products will be sold domestically and abroad. The company is currently upgrading its isolated production facilities.

Rubikon is developing the manufacture of medicines from Belarus-made raw materials. The company is currently upgrading its premises.

The Ilf company has created a facility for an import-substituting production of zippers. That will allow Belarusian companies to reduce expenses on purchasing zippers by 40%.

The Delta company is setting up the production of sandwich panels and fixed shutters.

The BelVitunipharm has been established on the premises of Megom. BelVitunipharm is currently upgrading its premises to create a packing workshop.

Evropribor is planning to extend the production of components for pressure sensors that are currently imported from Poland and Germany. The total amount of investment is Br2.3 billion.

The SpetsSistema research and production center is planning to start the production of devices that control discharges in the air and discharge gages that are currently imported from Russia and Germany.

Statit Art is installing equipment to produce ecologically hydrated fuel oil. The company recovers the water contaminated with fuel oil and uses it for production needs. The total amount of required investments is about Br600 million.

Intervit-invest is planning to invest Br3 billion in the construction of a sports and entertainment complex in Stroiteley Avenue.

Sotrudnichestvo is constructing a trade and entertainment center in Moskovsky Avenue in Bilevo district.

StarRM is planning to build a multifunctional trade center in 1 Zenkova Street.

Uyut SM starts the construction of the Trade and Service Center in the Bilevo -1 residential district.

Intergrant is planning to construct a trade and entertainment center in Stroiteley Avenue

Devold is developing the production of hosiery and underwear

Vitebsk Plant of Non-Alcoholic Beverages is setting up the production of potable mineral water and non-alcoholic beverages.

BelLatKeramzit (founded by Keramika and Belinvest, Latvia) is planning to start the production of expanded clay gravel with the capacity of 400,000 cubic meters per year.

Soyuztransmagistral (Latvia), provides the services in car parking construction, repair and technical servicing of vehicles. The company is implementing a project on the drivers’ training courses jointly with the Vitebsk industrial and pedagogical college (training of Category B drivers and personnel in hospitality business).