There are 792 sports facilities in Vitebsk. The young sportsmen can attend 22 sports schools, the Olympic reserves college, and the high sports school. All in all, the schools have the enrollment of more than 8, 600 students in the sport schools, the faculty includes 272 coaches.

The distinguished coaches of Vitebsk are Vikentiy Dmitriev (gymnastics), Valery Kondratenko and Anatoly Kolchin (boxing), Nadezhda Semenyuk (fencing), Arkady Shur (track and field), Alexander Khomenko (skiing), Valery Vagel (trampoline jumping), Viktor Derkunsky (track and field). All these coaches have trained many athletes, who won medals at the Olympics and various championships.

The department for physical education, sport and tourism of Vitebsk City Hall organizes more than 100 sports events every year. More than 25, 000 people take part in these events.

Thirty athletes are awarded personal bonuses for successful performance at national and international meets.

The city of Vitebsk and the oblast jointly with sports federation organize international tournaments in artistic gymnastics, trampolining, freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling, volleyball, football, ice hockey, boxing, Vie Vo Dao, sports dancing, swimming, water polo.

Vitebsk also holds spartakiades among secondary schools, colleges and universities.

The town holds winter events within the framework of the Belarusian skiing track festival and all kinds of events dedicated to the national holidays: The Day of State Flag and Anthem of the Republic of Belarus, Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus, Olympic Day Run, Day of Football in the Republic of Belarus and many others.

Sports facilities of Vitebsk offer services in aqua-fitness, step aerobics, fitness and relax aerobics.

Vitebsk and Universitet football clubs, Lokomotiv KiS basketball club, Fakel-01 volleyball club, Vaselina handball club, Vitbich water polo club and Vitebsk hockey club take part in the national championships of the Republic of Belarus.