There are 35 travel companies in Vitebsk. They employ more than 150 professionals who have graduated from the Tourism Institute of Belarus State University and the Masherov State University of Vitebsk. The local travel companies offer special excursion programmes for visitors of the city.

The work in the tourist industry is aimed at fulfilling the Belarus National Programme for Tourism Development in the City of Vitebsk.

With a view to developing tourism, a contest for the tourist graphic symbol of Vitebsk has been held, advertising big-boards “Tourism in Vitebsk” produced and the information and consulting association has been set up. Tourist seminars and exhibitions are conducted on a regular basis. Other measures envisaged in the tourism development action plan of Vitebsk included the renovation of the Victory Square, development of a boat rent center on the Vitba River and others.

The work continues on the modernization of the Vetraz Hotel, construction of the quay on the Zapadnaya Dvina and a year-round skating rink with rental stores, cafes and restaurants, gift shops.




The town is mulling over the creation of an information and tourist center. The center will promote the city of Vitebsk as a tourist brand and develop various packages of services for all categories of citizens and countries. The 21st century is the electronic age, with the Internet being the main source of information. Therefore the center will search for potential tourists for the local travel agency via the Internet.




The world practice shows that such a center sets up a chain: N / the number of tourists – tourist center – N / the number of travel operators, hotels, stores, cafes, and recreation centers. The key role in this chain belongs to a tourist and information center which has powerful information resources and offers a wide range of services.